A Letter to My 18-Year -Old Self

Dear 18-year-old self,

I write to you, this little note, as I imagine you frantically rummaging through your inbox loaded with birthday wishes, for that one message from that one boy. Hate to break it to you; he will not wish you today, or tomorrow. That does not mean you stay up and gloom over it. You’re going to have a great birthday with beautiful people. Keep your heart open and stay in the moment with them.

You’re eighteen! You are legally an adult— eligible to vote, voice your opinion. You will stress upon this every time they continue treating you like a child. Let me tell you, they still do. It bothers me too, but I am glad I’m still mom’s little girl when things go haywire, and all I need is that she hugs me and tells me it is okay.

Keep writing— I enjoy having a look at the journal every once in a while. I wish you could pour your real thoughts in there. The entire truth, the good and the ugly. What are you afraid of? Someone else reading it and judging you, or facing reality? Carrying the burden has only created a turbid storm. But we are coming through; I assure you that. Just go on with the writing— be it the journal, that poem someone told you “lacked depth,” or those stories you left unfinished because you grew tired. Finish the things you started.

Now is the time you follow the tiny voices in your head. Be bold to choose who you want to become. Things may not exactly turn out the way you imagine, but you’ll have no qualms of not having tried. And always remember that there’s an alternate route to every dead-end.
When that seemingly perfect boy changes his mind, don’t lock yourself up. Things, or people— they’ll never be ‘perfect’. But believe me, one day you will find your home in that one person. Don’t wait for him. First, love yourself.

Your journey towards becoming a wonderful somebody begins now. Slow down a bit. Read, write, sing, make friends, fall in and out of love, and lastly, be proud of yourself. You got this!

Still pretty silly but just a bit wiser, older self.

19 thoughts on “A Letter to My 18-Year -Old Self

  1. Very refreshingly different.Written in a conversational tone, the letter is inspirational for any eighteen year old. Enjoyed reading it.

  2. I enjoyed every bit of it. Loved the way it has been presented. Keep writing! Inspire many! All the very best!

  3. This piece of writing is an example of pouring your heart out and putting it in words. Superbly written.

  4. “But we are coming through; I assure you that. Just go on with the writing” This indeed is the highest motivation I have received lately. I appreciate you for waking the giant in me. Once again each of us must create our own reality.

  5. Inspirational.
    A unique way, staying at eighteen always.
    Started thinking like you, as my daughter is approaching toward her eighteenth.
    Teen age is age less.

  6. So well written. Enjoyed reading it thoroughly. The writer seems to be full of potential. Keep it up.

  7. An eighteen year is definitely more thoughtful than a forty or fifty years.

    Only a firm believer over oneself could reach her/his eighty’s with a mindset & heart filled with eighteen’s.

    Excellent point of view about looking at oneself.

  8. Beautiful…A letter to my 18-year-old self.
    Style of writing is something very new.
    Congrats Zelam phadke.

    We all had such wishes. isnt it?
    At some point during our growing up days.. I believe.

  9. Its very inspirational. Your presentation is very unique here. You describe how to “love yourself”. We all know 18year is the transition period of our life. We have to choose our path without any fear. I really enjoyed your writing.

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