A letter to Brothers on Lockdown Raksha Bandhan

Since childhood, Raksha Bandhan has been one of the most fascinating festivals for me. Also, it brings together all my reserved brothers to me and allows me to have a word with them. On this day, they especially wait for me, to tie the knot of feelings with the thread to their wrist. Our threads on our brother’s hands are the symbol of love and respect. Also, it strengthens the bond between us.

During this pandemic, I am unable to reach my home to celebrate Raksha Bandhan because of sealed state boundaries. These sealed boundaries cannot inhibit my blessings, love, and best wishes to reach you. I am unable to plan to travel to home town because of increasing spread of COVID-19 in Delhi and Gwalior, maintenance of social distancing, and compulsion of Quarantine. In this difficult period, it would be better to celebrate virtual Raksha Bandhan that would enable all of us to meet with social distancing and zero spread of virus.

Dear Bros,

            Because of pandemic, I hereby sending this Rakhi here to tie on your wrists that will bring positivity and prosperity to your life. My best wishes are always with you, sister-in laws, nieces, and nephew. I think you might be missing me. In this digital age, we will meet on a video call.

            Please do not ignore my message, as I would not be there to pull your ear this Raksha Bandhan. Make this Lock down Raksha Bandhan more special than earlier, it is the first time I am unable to come to you at Raksha Bandhan. This year, we would not be able to have lunch together on this day. This year, I would not be able to have Raksha Bandhan gossips with Bhabhi.  I hope you will miss all my mistakes, all my naughty pranks, and my loud laughter with kids.  I am going to miss you all and you must also miss me.

I wish you all prosperity, peace, and success in life.

Lots of love to all and wish you a very happy Raksha Bandhan.

Your Sister


            This message is specially dedicated to all my Brothers Girdhari, Santosh, Mayank, Shanky, and Abhishek), Sister-in laws (Seema, Rekha, Sini, Pooja), Nieces (Anshupriya, Avni, Asmi, and Tanishka), and Nephew (Udit, Aman, and Aditya) who might be waiting for me this Raksha Bandhan.

2 thoughts on “A letter to Brothers on Lockdown Raksha Bandhan

  1. Simply Mesmerizing words❤️

    We miss you too alot, as each celebration seems incomplete without you.

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