7 steps that make customer buy a product

When customer buy a product, he expects it should be beneficial and worth for the money. If he gets satisfied, he will be buying the same product again and again. Every businessman’s responsibility is to retain the customers especially who are repeated customers. Because of them some profit will be generating without spending a penny for marketing.

7 steps that make customer buy a product

In present days, competition is high. Competitors try to attract customers in a different way. This makes buyers to think too much, so they need to do lots of research about the product. And require to examine users are satisfied or not. Bad experiences make humankind to be cautious when they buy. Trusting brand and product quality is hard to identify, it eats time and energy of the purchaser.

When customer likes the product, he will buy that even though cost is higher. That is why customer satisfaction is more crucial than anything. Some patron gets attracted by lower price, this is also a strategy to entice them. This will really work. With the lower price, customer buys them without thinking. If they like that, they will buy again and again.

 Customers expect great quality and good atmosphere. Sellers should have some qualities to sell their products such as, respect everyone unless their appearance, make them to feel cozy, tolerate their questions and answering polite manner, these behaviors make individual to visit their places again and again. Customers are ready to adjust with the product but they cannot tolerate any arrogance towards them.

Process of buying a product

1.Need of the product:

When customer realizes requirement of product in his life, is called need of the product. For example : A person commute to office by using public transportation, he cannot reach on time because of traffic jam or his office is too far from main road that he needs to walk. Then he realizes his requirement of a two wheeler or a car.

2.Search for product:

 Customer scrutinizes the product’s cost, brand, quality and so on.

3.Brand name:

 After investigating about the product, he searches for competitors which company has credibility in the market. And also he finds its reputation in the society when he buys that.

4.Analyze product description when customers buy a product:

Understanding product features helpful to have knowledge about product and how it works. He also gets information about benefits of the product.

5.Compare cost between competitors when customers buy a product:

In current days, we get more data through internet, so can compare the cost and features of product.

6.Understand users when customers buy a product:

Internet made human life easier than before. While sitting at home customers can read their reviews without meeting physically and it will be helpful to select a right product. Some users provide accurate information about the product and its services. It is beneficial to make purchase decision.

7.Decide to buy :

After all these steps, finally customer will decide to buy a product which is good.

There are different economical classes in the world such as upper, middle and lower middle class people. When a customer desires to buy a product firstly, he thinks about his financial conditions, whether it is affordable or not. And some rich people also do research about the product because they don’t want to waste their hard-earned money. Secondly, before buying a product he seeks suggestions from family, friends and Google (Internet). Finally, with this information will decide to buy a product.

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