7 Reasons Women Choose to Remain Single. And How They Lead a Life of Fulfilment.

Staying single is now a matter of choice and not an option for many women. A decision which is taken to live a full life on their terms and conditions. For a woman, staying single comes at a huge price. After reaching a certain age there is pressure from parents, relatives, and society to tie the marital knot and settle down. If they do not follow this social norm aspersions are cast on their upbringing, their family, and their character. The single woman struggles to avoid nosy relatives, neighbours, colleagues, and even friends who come suggesting suitable matches until it becomes a nightmare. All she wants is the chance to discover her potential.

To Pursue their Ambitions

Women have proved that they are capable of efficiently working and keeping down the most demanding jobs. They are educated and qualified and aspire to carry out their ambitions in all spheres that were earlier thought to be only the domain of men. If the single woman is capable, she desires to reach the top without being shackled by a husband and children. If she attempts to continue her work and look after a family she does so at a hefty price. It affects her success at work, the running of her home, the health of her children, her relationship with her husband, and the atmosphere at home. A single woman has enough time to pursue her goals as she does not have to worry about the support of her husband. Many urban women opt for pursuing a successful career rather than matrimony.

Financial Independence

Striving to work hard the single woman tends to bring home a bigger paycheck. She has a bank balance of her own to do with as she chooses. She is smart enough to follow a balanced expenditure and makes sensible investments. Spending on herself without fear of having to give an explanation or justification is a luxury. She has financial independence to initiate her own decisions. Many women run businesses of their own and the government has various schemes for such entrepreneurs. Banks offer loans at lower rates, for women to start a business or buy a car at. Insurance companies have special schemes for single women. The single woman of today is market -savvy and invests in property and can put away money for retirement.

Creating a Routine and Living Life Their Way

People are more accepting now of the idea of a woman living alone, whether they are unmarried, divorced or widowed. It is easier now for them to rent accommodation than it was before. A suitable routine is created for work, meals, entertainment and sleep. There is the opportunity now to do the courses which they had wanted to do, or continue with a hobby. They fix a routine for walks or jogging and live a full and healthy life.

Enjoy Richer Friendships

Is it possible to be single and not feel alone? Should a woman marry out of fear that in the future she will suffer from a lack of companionship? It is a proven fact that people experience loneliness in marriages because there is no compatibility. Single women enjoy richer relationships as they can choose friends who share common interests. She may have friends she can chat with, colleagues she can go out with, people she can share her thoughts with. They have enough time to invest in rewarding friendships and work towards keeping them going. Marriage perforce makes a person insular, limited to immediate family. Single people have more time to care for ageing parents and those dear to them, in fact, they volunteer to do a lot of work.

To Avoid Making the Wrong Choice

Marrying out of pressure from parents, relatives or society is an invitation to disaster. A marriage based on love and the desire to build a life together can work, but not one based on obligation. Many women do not wish to marry because of an earlier traumatic experience. Children and young adults who witness violent scenes and physical abuse at home between parents grow up with an abhorrence for relationships. Those who have been sexually assaulted or have been dumped by a boyfriend they trusted decide staying single and free is a happier situation.

Freedom from Conventions

If a woman reaches her late twenties and is not married it is considered as a flaw in her. Her designated role since the beginning of time is to be a wife and a mother and devote her life in the interests of her husband and children. The woman of today is breaking that fallacy by proving efficient in any profession she chooses. She has shown that she has dreams of her destiny and can follow them through. If she feels she is ready for a relationship she goes into one, but it is not a priority. The woman of today is more comfortable and open with her sexuality. Friendships and relationships are with boundaries and with her consent.

Time for Themselves

It may sound selfish and self-centred but they can work out a routine where they have time for themselves. There is time for a regular visit to the gym or a spa. The urban woman enjoys an evening at the pub with friends. The travel and tourism industry has special tours to exotic destinations all over the world and women are in a position to go anywhere in the world just for a break. They enjoy the freedom and independence to do so. They can indulge in their passions and interests and add value to their lives through learning new skills.

 Remaining single is a personal choice and depends entirely on what a woman wants from life. A lot of women experience fulfilment in marriage and bringing up a family. Women now have access to many advantages and opportunities Such women want an identity based on their success not because they are someone’s wife. It is a freedom they have achieved through education, a career, and financial independence. Equal opportunities are an added incentive. Single women are fiercely protective of that freedom and the happiness and fulfilment they gain through it.

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