7 Reasons to welcome ban on PUBG

 PUBG – Player Unknowns Battleground, developed and published by PUBG corporation, is a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. It is one of the best-selling and most-played video games of all time. It had more than 40 million active users in July, in India which accounts to over a quarter of PUBG’s lifetime installs. 

   It is an online multiplayer battle royale game, wherein, hundred players parachute onto an island and  scavenge for weapons to kill others while protecting themselves. The last player or the team standing wins the round.

   Violence marks the cause for accusations on this game. Aggressive emotions, thoughts, behaviour, and decreased humane qualities are some of the bitter outcomes of this game. It renders the people into its madness and notches its supremacy.

 As said, anything beyond bounds is deleterious, same goes for PUBG. People who started playing for passing time or refreshment are now getting habituated and spend a good amount of time on it . They are accustomed to the game and find it hard to divert,  getting affected psychologically. 

Let’s consider the adverse effects of the game, that encourage people to welcome the ban open handed.

  •  Negative energy of an addicted pubg player includes getting offended easily and intervention from the outside world results in abnormal and aggressive behaviour.
  • The constant engagement makes the gamers unable to focus on the substantial tasks, as their mind is unconsciously alert of threats as in the game.
  • In case of defeat or halt in the play, people tend to get depression and anxiety attacks and lack interest in everything. It may sometimes worsen and invoke  suicidal thoughts.
  • Playing for a long time also has its own effect on physical health. Exposure to the screen for long hours leads to  eye strain, migraines and headache.Severe neck pain, cervical spondylitis is a given due to uneven positions and postures over a period of time.
  • People addicted to the game pay no heed to their sleeping cycle, which makes them cranky.
  • PUBG players often prefer playing alone in their comfort zone. They shun themselves from  family, friends, social gatherings and thus let their social life down.
  • Children addicted to the game may mime the behavior like violence, racism, and profanity in the real world. Their academic performance is also hindered.

   It is concluded from the above aspects that playing violent video games is not recommended even if wisely managed and prioritised. The aggressiveness, health issues, lack of human interaction  pose threat to their psychological, physical and social life. There is a chance of increased risk in case of children,  which need to be figured at the earliest. Hence people around the addicted players must help them overcome this addiction. Engaging them in outdoor games, meditation, yoga, reading books, dancing and family gatherings help them to get control of addiction. Everything is in the mind, one addicted to the game needs to heed to this phrase and good follows.

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