6 Things to Consider Before Buying a DSLR

DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera is used by professionals or photography enthusiasts who wish to take up photography seriously as a hobby or their mode of daily bread-and-butter. There are several types of DSLR cameras used by photographers for different purposes and types of photography. There are ‘n’ numbers of camera equipment used for various photography genre.

For example, macro photography needs different types of macro lenses that would help in glorifying the small-sized object which is not possible with our naked eyes.

What points one must consider while buying DSLRs are mentioned below.

#1. Decide between professional or personal need

Before buying a camera one must have the purpose of buying the camera clear in his mind. Whether you are buying for professional or personal needs. If you are choosing for professional requirement, it is suggested to buy a high-end DSLR, so that you can get good quality photos/videos under high or low light conditions.

Whereas, if you are buying a camera for your hobby or shooting family functions and outings, then it is better to buy a DSLR with minimal features and a kit lens.

#2. Manage your budget

Buying a DSLR majorly depends on your pocket. In the market, there are several types of DSLRs having different ranges with different features. So, for a low-end DSLR, you must have a budget of at least Rs. 25,000–45,000.

In case you wish to buy a professional high-end DSLR with the best of the features, then you should have a budget starting from nothing less than Rs. 70,000 ranging to a maximum of around 8 lacs. To get clarity about the best-suited camera for you, it is advisable to consult a professional and learn about DSLRs.

#3 Consider sensor size

Before buying a DSLR, one of the most striking feature photographers consider is the sensor size of the camera. Whether your camera has a full-frame sensor or crop frame sensor it is important to know. But again, buying a camera considering this feature depends on your budget. A crop frame camera usually costs much lesser than a full-frame camera.

#4 Understand megapixel count

High megapixel always gives you a better output or print quality. If you are considering a DSLR to shoot for huge hoardings or banners, you are likely to choose a camera with large megapixels. For example, Canon’s EOS 5DS R with 50.6 megapixels.

However, if you want a camera just for your hobby and learning or shooting family events and trips, you may surely consider one with small megapixels. For example, Canon EOS 1300D (18-55 Lens) with 18.6 megapixels.

#5 Check auto-focus system and photography modes

It is important to check the different photography modes which your camera has. The more advanced your camera is the more shooting modes it can offer. Further, the auto-focus points in a high-end DSLR is much more compared to a low-end DSLR.

This is important while capturing motion shots or while shooting in low light conditions. Having more focus points helps you to focus faster with better quality while trying to capture a fast-moving object.

#6 Determine weather seal

Before buying any DSLR it is very important to check whether the camera has a weather seal or not. If you have to shoot in rain or underwater then your camera must be waterproof so that water won’t enter the camera.

Weather seal cameras usually cost very high, but again it depends on your opted purpose. If you are looking for a camera for regular family photography, or to pursue your hobby, or to brush up your basics, weather seal is not a very big deal; it will not be advised to spend money on this feature. 

Bottom Line

Hope these tips help you decide better while buying a DSLR. Choosing the best DSLR is the best investment you can do to save your lifetime memories with your loved ones.

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