5 Tips for better sleep

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Why is sleep crucial?

People often scroll down the internet in search of tips for better sleep. There is a huge population who is suffering the consequences of lack of sleep. People would love to spend more time living their lives to chase their goals than sleeping unconsciously without experiencing life on their beds. But do not tend to skip sleep to live more as sleep is what gives them the power to live with passion and glory. A person who lacks sleep would never be able to capture joy in their venture of life. Sleep makes human beings ready for the next day and boosts them up with energy to function their minds and bodies appropriately. Thus this paper will discuss 5 tips to attain better sleep.

How to get better sleep?

There are many ways one can follow to attain proper sleep. Some of the easy tips that can be followed include:-

1. Fix a regular sleep-wake schedule- Fixing a permanent time to sleep as well as wake will help to maintain the circadian rhythm, a 24-hour cycle in the human body that determines the sleep-wake cycle. Regulating the circadian cycle will help attain sleep at a regular time every day.

2. Sleep with no artificial lights- Try sleeping in a dark environment. Lights can adversely affect a smooth sleep. In a study conducted by Zee and her team, it was observed that people who experienced sleep under artificial light had increased heart rates and insulin resistance (Shots, 2022). Underexposure to light, melatonin, a hormone that helps to provide better sleep, is produced at low levels. The sleepers may not feel these adversities when they sleep under the light.

3. Develop certain food habits- Design pre-sleep diets including sleep-promoting agents. Almonds can help in providing better sleep since it increases the production of melatonin. Warm milk is a common home remedy to get better sleep. It consists of 4 major sleep-promoting agents, namely, Tryptophan, calcium, vitamin D, and melatonin. Fatty fish is also a good option to initiate sleep as it contains vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids that regulate serotonin (Katherine Marengo, Jennifer Haizen, 2019).

4. Do exercises- Exercises are not only a remedy for physical and mental health, but it also helps to attain good sleep. Regular exercise helps you regulate your mind through which your brain produces appropriate amounts of hormones required for sleep. Proper practice of exercises will also help increase the amount of slow wave sleep or deep sleep.

5. Stabilize emotions- Stressful emotions can take away your sleep. Any emotions at an intense level can harm good sleep. Excitement before an awaiting event or the stress, anger, and fear of some unfortunate experience in life can deprive sleep. Thus, it is crucial to learn to balance one’s emotions. Try to accept every situation that had happened and train the mind to relax and calm down in every sensitive situation.

Sleep issues occur at least once in every human’s life. Because humans lead a complex life that keeps bringing change in life. But it doesn’t mean that these issues can’t be solved. A little bit of effort into following these tips can offer you peaceful nights and days in your life.


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