5 steps to write SEO friendly blog.

In this 5G generation everyone is aware about the word SEO. yes, Serach engine optimisation is a kind of new attraction to every start up, business models, customers and many more. And why not? because every one likes to stand first. but here SEO is more smart as it works with Google. it knows everything and so being tricky. But not to worry. let us define some of its weak points with you and so the 5 major points to crack for writing SEO friendly blog.

Anchor Text:

Reading a blog or going through a website, we might visit some links that led us to another page. that is what google called as an ‘anchor text’. well, Anchor text is nothing but that blue coloured words that direct us to another page. for example: for more information click here. Here click here is an anchor text.

well, for writing SEO friendly blog google asks their users to not to overuse of anchor text.
Anchor text should not be in generic form like click here or read more.
it should use specific words; for example if we want to redirect our reader to About us page we should give a link and named it as ‘About us’
it should not over use of keywords for building SEO.

A Link:

A link in the blog or website is always indicated in blue and having underline. As we have seen this. when we click on that we can redirect on the another web page. it can be created by a writer or user. one can edit it too!

Internal Link:

Internal link in a website that indicates link for another web page but from same website. This will improve SEO and user can easily find internal links. i.e. on the home page of website we put the link of Contact us page. here i am adding an internal link: http://ipubpro.com

Outbound link:

Outbound link is an external link in a website, that drive users to another web page or web site. well, for most of the Business website will not any other website link. rather than they can simply put a link from their social media accounts. Thus, it creates win-win situation SEO improvement and social media boosts automatically. Attaching outbound link: https://www.canva.com/


well, sometimes Google stays a step ahead from the user. Backlink is the example of same. Google wants authenticity from website. or we can say that google wants references. for that our website need to appear in another website. our website i.e., ipubpro.com appears in the times of india’s website is good rather than it appears on organic manure website. if your backlink is good one can feel that i have achieved the 5 steps for SEO writing.

well, basically, it works on three major points.
1) website links appear on another website
2) it is better if it appears from relevant website
3) it is even better if it appears from higher domain and relevant website like google, Facebook, YouTube or any other website having high traffic.

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