5 key attributes of a SEO friendly blog

SEO friendly blog, something every blog writer is familiar with. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps the content to have relevance and become more reachable through various search engines.

Certainly, the main purpose of every writer is to make their readers understand their content. While the next important thing is to appear on search engines

Why this specific blog you said?

Now we all seem to get a little agitated when it comes to complicated things and that is when procrastinating comes in. But the purpose of this particular blog is to simplify the terms that makes a SEO friendly blog.

Now instead of taking the usual path, I am going to use an extended example, so that the concept gets engraved in the reader’s mind. And that example is school. We can say that technology and education are going to get entangled here, and in a good way. It might sound a little far fetched but I can definitely make it work. Now let’s start this voyage to write a SEO friendly blog.

Link: The connector

A link can redirect us to a different webpage, website or any other online content. While links are used for navigation, search engines like Google also use them to determine how popular and trustworthy a site is. It is said that more links your website has, more traffic it brings. We can understand this attribute as a connector.

Anchor text: The name

Anchor text is the title which gives some context to the link rather than being vague. It is very important to have an anchor text that specifies the redirection a link is going to provide us.

A link appears in a different color so that it could be distinguished.

It helps in making a SEO friendly blog as search engines use anchor text to index and rank webpages. For eg: Click here to learn more about Anchor text.

Internal link: The interior redirect

Internal link takes you from one webpage to another webpage on the same website. They create this hierarchy of content within your website that the user can refer to.

Along with allowing the user to navigate within your website, internal links also help Google to understand all the pages on your website better.

Internal links provides a sense of authority to a website increasing the time a user spends on it making it a SEO friendly blog.

Outbound link: The external redirect

Outbound link takes you from your website to another website.

Outbound link helps us to incorporate other content from different websites to the blog. We can also add our social media accounts or any other source of information.

The search engines can get a clear idea about about a blog if relevant outbound links are provided to it which helps in making a SEO friendly blog.

Backlink: The referance

Backlinks are given when a website provides a link to your website.

In the views of Google if any website links back to yours, it means your site have high quality content. This makes backlinks one of the most important elements to write a SEO friendly blog.

Though it is not easy to get a backlink, it gives a sense of authority to your website, specially when other high quality domains are linking back to it.

For example, SEO Packages

Summing up with the example

You want to get enrolled in a school so you start your search and find a school that deemed perfect for you. (Anchor text-name of the school)

You visit the school for further enquiry. (Link-location of the school)

You were told that the enquiry counter is in the different building within the school so you move to the different building. (Internal link-moving within the school)

When you finally reach the enquiry counter, you got to know that admission process is closed so they refer a different school for you. Deciding it will be a right choice, you visit the other school. (Outbound link-Visiting another school)

Now the admission process of the school is online so you come back to your home in order to initiate the admission process. (Backlink-Coming back to home)

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