5 Amazing Practice that will boost your confidence as a new Writer.

5 Amazing Practices that will boost your confidence as New Writer

Almost all writers agree that they faced challenges at the beginning of their writing careers. The big authors so to speak, those who have a groundbreaking record of best-selling books are not immune to these challenges. When these challenges are not properly managed, it leads to low self-esteem and you suddenly lose confidence especially when you are a new writer. This article will address five amazing practices that will boost your confidence as a new writer. So let’s look at those practices:

1. Know what you want. There is a sense of accomplishment for knowing what you want. If you know what you want, it further helps to set the record straight and make the path clear to evaluate yourself. There is a popular saying “if you don’t know what you want from life, you will not be able to know what life is giving you”.
An average person wanders around about life, “the rolling stone, gathers no moist”. So also as a new writer, it will do you no good by wandering around, be specific, and commit yourself to build your career as a writer.

Make no mistake of chasing so many things at a time, it will make you lose focus and diminishes your confidence. As a new writer, the greatest good you can offer yourself is the gift of concentration. Focus will help you gain momentum, which in turn, will boost your confidence. All these will happen, by knowing what you want as a new writer, only by knowing it, you can go for it with all your strength and skills.

2. Be patient with yourself. “Patience is a virtue”. You need time for yourself, as a new writer, you will feel exhausted, frustrated, degraded and downcasted, as expected, you can’t escape it, you have to welcome those challenging experiences as a new writer so that you can grow. See yourself as a child, that will pass through all developmental stages in life, from sitting to crawling, walking, then running and talking. Before you can get to your career peak as a new writer, you need time, you can’t skip any due fundamental process in your career. A renowned philosopher Aristotle said, “ Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”. Being patient with yourself can save you from a lot of unnecessary anxiety and stress, then your confidence can be at an optimum level.

3. Unleash your inner Power. Every one of us, has inner strength, to conquer all kinds of difficulties and challenges. It is left for us to recognized this powerful tool and use it for our own advantage, to use it you must first acknowledge you have it.

It is sometimes hard for new writers to awake inner powers, due to the noisy environment we live in, inner power can be unleashed on an absolute silence, in our mind body and soul. Inner power can act as a motivation, it boosts your confidence as a new writer, it helps you finish what you want to write when you haven’t started. It is a unique source of strength when you can cultivate and resonate with it, it will boost your confidence and skyrocket your productivity as a new writer.

4. Enjoy what you do. This is one of the underline factors of success, for you to be successful in whatever you do, you must at least like what you do to a certain level. Progress lies hand in hand with success, success goes with interest. So, as a new writer, you must like writing, even when it is difficult for you to do so, there is no option for that, you must try and fashion your interest around writing to enable you to become a good and successful writer.

Interest is developed bit by bit, piece by piece, it comes with challenges, is now left for you as a new writer to develop an interest in what you do. Develop a passion for writing, talk about it, connect with people who are in that same circle, in doing this you will notice that some changes begin to happen, you will then have interest in writing and practice more, and begin to build confidence in writing and enjoy what you do as a hobby.

5. Learn from others. Learning is a two-way thing. Permit me to use the words of “Saket”, even if is a common statement, he uses it often to always emphasize a point, that learning is from both sides, the trainer and the trainee are learning from each other. That is to say in other words nobody is a monopoly of knowledge.

Every one of us learns from each other at every point in time, as a new writer, you have to have a clean slate at every time, so as to learn some new thing. It is important as a writer to be open to new knowledge and ideas to scale through as a successful writer, you wouldn’t know the ideas you will get from others that will transform your writing skill.
Even when you learn from others, you should also not forget to learn from yourself, especially from your own mistakes.

Conclusion. I want to reassure you that becoming a successful writer could be as hard as any hard nut to crack especially when you are new in the arena, but with these five practices, when you commit yourself to it, you will see yourself in the list of best successful writers and established authors.

It will definitely boost your level of confidence as a new writer, by knowing what you want, being patient with yourself, unleashing your inner power, enjoying what you do and learning from others and yourself.

I bet you the sky will become a starting point of your successful career as a writer. I leave you with these words to ponder “Confidence comes from hours and days, weeks and years of constant work and dedication” – Robert Staubach. If you have other practices that can help new writers to boost their confidence, that is not listed in this article feel free to comment it below, I would like to hear it.

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  1. Very well written Michael. Yes we should trust on us that we can do n ofcourse boost our inner power to achieve.
    Rightly, writing comes with practice, n u r absolutely on right track…
    Keep writing, enjoy writing,
    Best wishes….👍

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