Writing is an art. It is a passion for some and a hobby for a few set of people. Writers should start with the creativity of words and always make use of words to create magic. Writing and selling content is a must to showcase writing skills.

The way writers craft their work is exemplary. In the literary world, writers are making their way through their work.

Writers should possess

  • Good writing skills.
  • Grammar and Punctuation.
  • Formation of sentences.
  • Knowledge of the content.

Content writing is one such platform to reach people globally. Content writing has spread its wings in various horizons in the literature and business world.

Creative writing is the key to entertaining, informing, and connecting to the reader’s emotions. Making money through an online portal like blogging, freelancing, etc. is part of content writing.

Start your creativity with words: Creativity is the tool for writing. The more creative in approach the more interesting the content is.

  • Use words to create magic
  • Write and sell the content.

What is Content Writing ?

Content writing is a process of writing, editing, drafting, and publishing content on a digital platform. The few processes of Content writing are.

Process of Content writing


Writing – Writing is the first step toward Creativity. The way the writer presents the content is crucial. The upcoming changes in the market and ways to promote a business, a product, or a service.

Some examples of writing can be academic writing, corporate writing, writing a blog, or writing for a website. Be it a story, script, freelancing, writing a blog, etc.


Editing – Editing is done after writing content. It is about making necessary changes to the way content looks. Editing can be done for grammatical and spelling mistakes.


Drafting – Drafting is the practice of writing content many times. Drafting means correctly organizing sentences and words.


Proofreading – Proofreading is correction of work done by marking the errors. It is usually done to check grammar and spelling mistakes, punctuation marks etc.


Publishing – Publishing is also known as the production of literature and content written by the writer. It is the outcome of the article or the paperwork done.

Writing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram.



Focus on the strength of being a writer

Content writers should constantly practice writing. It increases the urge to explore more creatively.

The writer should be on par to reach out to the audience. The writer should strive to be in the mind of the readers.   

Original content

Originality should be the base for content writers. Plagiarism leads to negative reviews by readers and also by publishers. Content writing should provide accurate information to the readers. Original content adds value to the article and inculcates interest in the readers.

Connectivity with readers

Always hook the readers to the content. They should have the enthusiasm to know what’s in store next. Emerging trends in society, educational updates, worldwide news, fashion trends, and health updates. These are few topics to hook the readers.

The writer has to connect with all age groups. It is very important to invoke emotions in the reader’s mind. The reader should feel the pull toward the content.

Genres of writing

Different genres of writing increase the value of a writer. This way the writer’s content can reach the interest of the readers. It gives exposure to various forms of writing.

  • Poetry
  • Fictional and non-fictional writing
  • Personal Essays
  • Humor writing
  • Literary writing
  • Autobiographies

How to make money as a Content Writing

There are many ways to make money online through writing.

  • Writing an article in a newspaper
  • Freelancing
  • Writing a blog
  • Writing content for a business
  • Landing page for a website.
  • Writing for Ads

Building good strong content is important because it is a tool to make money online. Research is one way to give the best output by writers. Content should aim at promoting the services or products of a brand or a business.

Brief knowledge of the subject

It is the need of the hour for the writer to increase traffic on search engine platforms with good content. The credibility of the writer depends on how far he can deliver the best to his readers.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why should you write creatively?
  • Creativity is the key tool to entertain, inform and connect to the emotions of the readers.
  • What makes content writing interesting?
  • Good content, connectivity with the readers, and presenting the facts are considered to be the main crust to make the content interesting.
  • How to monetize your content?
  • Freelancing for business, copywriting, e-books, writing for ads, script writing, and writing blogs on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, etc. are some of the mediums to monetize the content.

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