4 Prudent Cues That Help You Write SEO-Friendly Content 

Do you aspire to write Seo-friendly content for your clients or your blog and enhance your reader base online? Then, this article can help you add value and quality to your online content, boost your reader base, and outperform your content’s search engine rankings.

Before we dive into how you can write Seo-friendly content, let’s first understand what Seo-friendly content is and why, as a content writer, it is vital to root your online presence with content that reaches the right audience.

What is SEO-Friendly Content?

Seo-friendly content is the content that tops any search engine’s ranking and search results. This type of content includes using dapper texts and links such as anchor texts, link building, inbound links/backlinks, and outbound links. Including these smart links or texts helps any search engine like Google or Bing interpret and index the content efficiently in the database.

These help the search engines to show the most relevant and top-rated webpages and content/topics searched on their search engine website. Now, don’t confuse anchor text with using Keywords.

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Let’s now dive into understanding what anchor texts, link building, inbound and outbound links, and backlinks are in content and how using these smart cues can make your content Seo-friendly and help you mark your online presence.

Anchor Text

Anchor texts are like keywords; however, there is a fine line between the two. An anchor text is a clickable text used in a hyperlink.

For example – The anchor text – learn how to become a content writer, takes you to one of DigitalVidya’s blog articles where the author has used the text – how to become a content writer? Therefore, based on those search results, the search engine shows her blog link to the reader. Anchor texts play a vital role in ranking your content online.

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Links and Link Building

Links (Often known as hyperlinks) let you navigate between different web pages on the internet. If you are focusing on striking organic website/blog traffic through various search engines, then link-building can help you achieve this goal.

You bring the links from other websites to your blog/website through these hyperlinks, which help captivate organic readers/clients to your blog/website and aid stability in today’s competitive world. Anchor texts and hyperlinks help the search engines move between your blog’s internal pages and other external websites.

For example – hyperlinks to the terms Seo-friendly, Keywords, Anchor Text, and DigitalVidya are used in this article to let the readers navigate to the linked websites for more information.

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Inbound Links/Backlinks

Inbound links, or backlinks, are the URLs on other websites linked back to your website/blog. As per Google, inbound links are indicators that your website/blog offers high-quality content.

Example – Backlinks to Google and Bing are added to this blog article, which will take you to their respective homepage once clicked. These are inbound links for Google and Bing. Similarly, when my blog link is tagged or added to some other blog or website, it will be an inbound link for my website. Another best example is a tagged Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn profile of your friend in one of your posts/articles.

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Outbound Links

Outbound links are the links in your blog or website pointing to an external website, which help you enhance the quality and context of your content that guides your readers to access external sources or more information.

Example – A link to an external website about link building is added to this blog to help the readers learn more about that topic.

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I hope, through this article, I was able to throw some light on writing efficient and Seo-friendly content, which should help you refine your digital content quality and boost your reader/client base.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” — Anthony J. D’Angelo.


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