1. CLOUD KITCHEN. A business that has an interest in the kitchen means food or taste can go for this business within their kitchen. Just show your kitchen talent with something different and tasty, which will create a demand that can boost your business in a big restaurant later on.
  2. FMCG PRODUCT AGENCY. This business can be started by anyone with a small amount of money. There are several brands in India where you can get the agency, get material/stock, and then go to the market, which might be at retailers to deliver. Provide your visiting card, introduce yourself, get an order, and then slowly and gradually supply your items.
  3. GET A MEDI CLAIM AGENCY. In this business, with a very short amount of investment that is for your government. license, you need to invest, Be a part of a medical insurance company, get trained from there, develop your sales skills, marketing skills, and product knowledge, and then start your journey with an approach to your prospects, who will be your clients, to provide you with the medical insurance business. Very demanding business.
  4. MAKE YOUR BRAND IN SPICES. This business is also started with a small amount of investment. First, decide on your brand and register with a government agency to open a current account. Then research the market to get into the wholesale market, visit there, invest your time, and get some material a your place. Be cautious and do not compromise on quality. Print your brand stickers and package pouches or packets. Pack the material in your branded packaging packets. Now go to the market and start supplying with small orders first, then you can increase your items and also your investment.

So finally, with these methods, anyone can start a business with great effort and a small amount.

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