3 Natural Ways to Manage Your Cervical Pain

            In the present scenario, many people are suffering from cervical pain because of their hectic and sedentary lifestyle. In this fast life, most people are unable to look after themselves as a result numerous health issues emerge and make their life more painful. 

Cervical Pain

           This pain makes the patient unable to turn the head and bend it. Cervical pain can be caused due to injury, inflammation, abnormalities, poor posture, overexertion, etc. Also, it can be developed through wear and tear of bones and cartilage. It may also cause osteoarthritis and spondylosis which involves a change in joints, bones, and muscles of the neck. It induces stiffness in the neck, headaches, and blood pressure. Sometimes it also causes migraine and headache. 


           It can be diagnosed through X rays in the neck region of the spine. Till now, a proper or complete cure has not been found of this pain. Patients of cervical pain need to conscious about their posture, lifestyle, and exercise. As a complete cure is not available for this disease, the patients need to take precautions in their day to day activities. Moreover, I would recommend patients to adopt natural ways to manage it and minimize its pain. With the use of natural remedies, patients can prevent themselves from the side effects of medications and injections. 

#1Sujok Therapy

            According to Sujok therapy, all the organs of the body represented in foot and palm of a living being. And patients can be treated by healing corresponding points of organs. Similarly, corresponding points of neck or cervical region need to be healed to gain relief from the cervical pain as shown in image.

#2 Seed Therapy

            Seed therapy is also based on the concept that all the organs of the body have corresponding points in their feet and hands. Seeds provide life to plants. They are a huge source of energy that can be used to heal several ailments. Fenugreek Seeds are applied to the corresponding location of the organ with the use of surgical tape. Usually, the determination of seeds is based on either the corresponding location shown in the image or shape of the organ

#3 Color Therapy

 Colour therapy is an alternative therapy of Sujok, which has prompt and miraculous healing properties. Patients need to make black and red colour marks on the correspondences shown in the image to heal cervical pain.

            I feel above-discussed strategies will reduce your pain naturally. The strategies discussed have no side effects on the body so, these can be used to heal people of any age. Other than these, many more alternative therapies have been evolved that can help patients to relieve their pains viz. Number Therapy, Vaccum Therapy, One-point therapy, Reflexology, etc. Also, several tools are available that can boost the process of pain relief naturally.

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