3 Difficult SEO Concepts For New Writers

The concept of keyword research, internal link and external links are hard to grasp for many new writers. In this article, I have explained these concepts in breif:

Keywords Research

Keywords are the relevant phrases or terms for which you want your article to rank on Google.

Internal Link

Internal links are the link to other pages of the website where you are publishing the blog. It is not an absolute concept and the meaning always depends on where do you publish the content. For example, if you publish your article on www.ipubpro.com, then a link to any pages of www.ipubpro.com would be considered as an internal link

External links

External links, as the name indicates, are the links to any site other than the one where you are publishing your article. The concept of external links are relative in nature. For example, if you publish a blog on www.ipubpro.com then a link to any site other than IpubPro will be an external link. Suppose, I give a link to www.sixpl.com, then the link to SixPL site is considered as external link.

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  1. 🔍 New to SEO? Don’t worry! Here’s a quick breakdown of three tricky concepts: Keywords Research, Internal Links, and External Links. Mastering these will boost your writing game and improve your online presence. Keep learning and growing! 💡📈

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