2 Important managements for bloggers and beginners.

Many bloggers have difficulty with SEO writing . Here I’m sharing few important information that will help you .Knowing the terms properly helps in working better. I am providing few information about links also . It might help in managing links in your blogs better .

Search Engine Optimization – SEO.

It is a set up required for coordinating with search engine . People who are posting several pieces of data on certain websites. They had to do a few setups for their work on the website. So that, website search engine could recognise and load certain web pages efficiently. This process is known as search engine optimization.

If not done , the website search engine will be unable to recognise and load the webpage created by them . They have to set up a keyword or characters . Typing those keyword in the search area ,search engine will load the set web pages with that words.

There are many set ups to be done for seo writing . One of the setups is Anchor text. One has to choose a proper anchor text other than generic ones.

Websites provide certain subscription packages to help publishers to manage with these set ups . It helps optimizing their works in better way .

Here I am providing a link for such packages. This link is for SEO packages subscription at the website ‘ international publishers’ or ‘ ipubpro ‘. If you are publishing blogs at this website. You must check out these SEO packages.


Providing a link to the readers to help understanding. Also it helps learning about concept in a better way . It’s believed that it is good to have more number of links in blogs . But it should not be way too much. So here are some things you should know about links .

URL of a web page is linked to a word or a phrase in a sentence . The given term will become a link for the web page.It acts like a bridge , connecting two webpages. One can access the web page of the linked URL by clicking on the Anchor text . That is the link .

Example ,” Amazon diwali sale ” is the Anchor text . I have linked this term with the URL of Amazon’s web page. By clicking on this anchor text , reader will reach the Amazon website’s home page.

Anchor text

If a word or a certain term in a sentence is linked to URL of a web page . Then certain text in the term or the word is Anchor text .

Example, I am providing a link to check out Amazon diwali offers promoting Amazon online shopping . I will link the URL of offer web page of Amazon with the term ‘Amazon diwali offer’. The given text “Amazon diwali offer” is an anchor text . Readers who wanna check out offers will click on this text in my blog .

One of the importance of anchor text is for backlinks. In modern SEO writing , a branded anchor text is important. If you have branded anchor texts for backlinks of your website. Search Engine would perceive your website as a high qualitied website.

Types of links

Inbound or internal links

Link for other web page of the same website where the opened web page has been published.This type of link is known as inbound or internal links.

For Example , In my face book blog I have given a link for my friend’s Facebook blog . The link is inbound link for the blog . as both the blogs are published at same website .

Outbound or external links

Linkage of webpages of two different websites.

Example , on facebook I’m providing a link for my post at ‘ipubpro’ website . This link is between two different websites . That is, Facebook and ipubpro. Because it is a link between two different websites , it is known as an outbound or external link.


If a link of a web page is given in a blog . For the website having the web page , the link is a backlink .

For example , I’m posting a blog at ipubpro website. Suppose in that blog, I am suggesting my readers to check out my other posts . So I have given a link for my account at ipubpro . The link becomes a backlink for ipubpro website.

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