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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Gurgaon

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Gurgaon

Introduction to Digital Marketing

With the ever-evolving technology and businesses going online, Digital Marketing is one of the most ‘in demand’ skills that every big and small company looks for in its employees. The need for people with knowledge regarding Digital Marketing is far greater than the supply, thus making it a valued skill, with a lot of scope for professional growth in the future and Gurgaon has emerged as one of the best places to learn the skill. Also known as the millennium city, it has seen tremendous growth in the last two decades and is now one of the leading hubs of financial and industrial growth in India. From top Multinational companies to small-scale startups, Gurgaon has nurtured itself into becoming a home for employment and financial growth. And because of this, the city has seen various education institutes come up with courses in Digital Marketing. Let’s take a look at the top ten Digital Marketing courses in Gurgaon.

Table of Contents

1. Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Gurgaon

1.1 Education and Career Times

1.2 Digitrend

1.3 Digital Skillport

1.4 DM Tree

1.5 Pace Career Academy

1.6 All India Management Association

1.7 DM Guru

1.8 W3 Training School

1.9 Digital Academy

1.10 Delhi School of Internet Marketing

2. Key points to remember while selecting top Digital Marketing course in Gurgaon

    2.1. Know about the institute

    2.2. Know about the course 

    2.3. Location

    2.4. Price

    3.  FAQs

    3.1. What are the key points to remember while selecting the top Digital Marketing course in Gurgaon?  

               3.2. How long does it take to complete a Digital Marketing Course?

               3.3. What are the job opportunities in Digital Marketing?

                3.4. Is Digital Marketing a lucrative option?

      4. Conclusion

    Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Gurgaon

    1.Education and Career Times

      Education and Career Times is a reputed institute located at Connaught Place, Delhi and offers an extensive course in digital marketing with four different levels. They are- Foundation course, Specialist, Professional and Diploma. The foundation course is the basic course, apt for beginners. The duration of the course is three months and it offers advanced training and five plus certifications. The total fee for the foundation course is rupees 35,000. The specialist course, priced at rupees 50,000 has a duration of five months and thirty days of internship. It aims at advanced training and offers more than fifteen premium tool certifications. The professional course is a detailed, seven-month long course with thirty days of specialization, sixty days of internship and more than twenty-five certifications, priced at rupees 70,000. The diploma course is the longest and the most detailed course, providing a thorough knowledge of digital marketing. It has a duration of eleven months with ninety days of paid internship, 2-3 paid freelance projects, more than thirty-five certifications and is priced at rupees 150,000. The course has also received appreciation publically and has been written about by reputed newspapers such as The Indian Express [Nov 6, 2019], The Pioneer [Aug 28, 2019; Sep 11, 2019; Sep 19, 2019; Oct 30, 2019], Business World [Oct 20, 2019], India Today [Oct 4, 2019], The Hindu [Sep 23, 2019], The Statesman [Sep 20, 2019], Deccan Herald [Aug 15, 2019; Sep 19, 2019], Menafn [Sep 14, 2019], The Covai Post [Sep 12, 2019], Apeksha News Network [Sep 10, 2019], Business Fortnight [Sep 10, 2019], Business Upturn [Sep 9, 2019]. ECT offers both online and offline classes so people from outside Delhi can opt for the course as well. Another great feature is that they have a small number of seats in every batch which ensures increased student-teacher interaction and helps students grasp a better understanding of the concepts. The institute is recognized by the government. Facilities of online training, weekday and weekend batches, class timings, and providing recordings of the session in case of a missed class make this course perfect for people from all walks of life such as homemakers, working professionals, people with career gaps looking for jobs again and those wanting to work independently. The teachers at ECT are highly trained and experienced professionals who not only explain even the smallest detail but also give extra time to answer the queries of the students, which increases the comfort level of the students and they can enjoy the learning process. The teaching methods are effective and every topic is thoroughly explained. The assignments given are designed in a manner to give the students a first hand work experience and practice to hone their developing skills. ECT also provides an internship at their sister company SixPL LLC and offers live projects which gives the students a great work experience which in turn makes for an impressive resume. Right from the beginning, they have aimed at providing the best set of skills to people from all walks of life all the while keeping the needs and comfort of their students in mind and creating skilled professionals. This makes it the top digital marketing course. To know more about them, visit their website , email at or call at +91-7827916060.

      2. Digitrend

      Digitrend, located in Gurgaon, offers a digital marketing course with three levels. Level one is the Short-Term Digital Marketing course, a three-month long course that is specifically designed to cover the key areas of the modules of digital marketing. It gives the students a chance to train on live projects on core topics and offers training on more than five topics and certifications. Level two is the Specialized Digital Marketing course, a six-month course which aims at training specifically students, business owners and working professionals. It covers more than twelve topics and certifications and is priced at rupees 35,000. Level three is the Pro Digital Marketing course, a nine-month long course which offers in depth training in graphic designing and e-commerce. It covers more than fifteen topics and certifications and offers specialization in a subject of your choice for two months. It is priced at rupees 54,000. The institute claims to have trainers with more than nine years of experience in the digital marketing industry. They also offer personal guidance to each student, guaranteed interviews, mock interviews, resumes and cover letters.

      3. Digital Skillport

      Digital Skillport offers an eminent and in-depth Digital Marketing course. They have both online and offline modes of training and provide a detailed course with an updated curriculum under expert guidance. They also have mock tests, flexible class timings, corporate training, mock interviews, training through case studies and live projects, placement assistance and a money back guarantee. The trainers are highly experienced professionals with comprehensive knowledge of the Digital Marketing industry.

      4. DM Tree

      DM Tree’s Digital Marketing course has fourteen advanced modules and the training is available in both online and offline modes. The trainers are highly knowledgeable and experienced and the course is updated keeping up with the the ever-changing and growing industry. They offer a hundred and ten hours of in-class training, flexible timings, doubt-clearing sessions and placement assistance. Course modules include Digital Marketing overview, Web planning, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Online Advertising and Social Media Marketing.

      5. Pace Career Academy

      Pace Career Academy offers a Digital Marketing course with modules like Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and many more. Some of the salient features of the course include free domain and hosting, a learning management system, job assistance, international certifications, internship letter, free business tools etc. There are weekday batches, in which the course duration is two months and weekend batches, in which the duration is three months. Weekend classes are held on Sundays which is perfect for working professionals. The trainers are experienced professionals from the Digital Marketing industry.

      6. All India Management Association [AIMA]

      All India Management Association offers a Digital Marketing course with a duration of two months, three days a week, from Tuesday to Thursday. Class timings are from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and classes are held both offline and online. The modules taught include ChatGpt and Generative AI, Content Creation Strategy and Tools, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Influencer Marketing and much more. The price of the course is rupees 36,000.

      7. DM Guru

      DM Guru is an institute based in Gurgaon and offers a Digital Marketing course which includes one-on-one sessions, practical exposure, seventy-six modules, ninety plus hours of hands-on teaching, two hundred plus hours of assignment, scholarships up to rupees 10,000, live project training, free SEO tools, special classes with industry experts, guaranteed certifications, paid internships and hundred percent job guarantee. Back-up classes are held on Saturdays, in case you miss a class. The training is provided both online and offline and the course is priced at rupees 50,000.

      8. W3 Training School

      W3 Training School provides a course in Digital Marketing which comes with a Learning Management System, Industry case study and the Latest course content. The batches are smaller in number to make the training more interactive, give you more time to clear your queries, get a better understanding of concepts and make the overall learning process enjoyable. They also provide class recordings in case you miss a class. Class timings are flexible so that working professionals and students. The course also offers a chance to learn from industry experts, free E-books and presentations, personal-level training, live projects and assignments and a hundred percent job guarantee.

      9. Digital Academy

      Digital Academy offers a Digital Marketing course that teaches designing an Online Marketing Strategy integrated with overall marketing objectives, designing and to execute Pay Click campaigns for Google Adwords and Facebook, how to make and launch Remarketing campaigns, new ways of Search Engine Optimization and ethical ways of doing SEO, what are the latest Google Algorithm Updates [Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird]. Class timings are flexible and you have several time slots to choose from according to your convenience. You also receive recordings of the sessions, have a lifetime access to their study material and special sessions for clearing your doubts. They also provide placement support in terms of resume building and mock interviews along with tips to crack interviews and multiple real projects to strengthen your knowledge of concepts and provide you with valuable work experience. The course is priced at rupees 34,000.

      10. Delhi School of Internet Marketing [DSIM]

        Delhi School of Internet Marketing is a training center located in Gurgaon and it offers a course in Digital Marketing that consists of fourty-four modules in total that are divided into two levels. Level one is the core level which spans over four months and level two is specialization and its duration is six months. There are four different batches in one week with the classes being held in the morning, afternoon and evening both offline and online. The teachers use advanced techniques and strategies to ensure that the students get a complete understanding of the concepts. The course offers fourteen industry-recognized certifications from Google, Facebook and Hubspot to ensure your market credibility and to make for an impressive resume, Digital Marketing tools worth rupees 72,000 for free, paid internship and placement assistance. The course is priced at rupees 49900+ GST.

        Key points to remember while selecting top Digital Marketing course in Gurgaon

        1. Know about the institute

              It is extremely important to know about an institute before you pursue a course from there. Is it genuine? Is it legal? For example; Education and Career Times has been recognized by the Government of India and has a certificate to prove the same. The certificate is displayed on their website and thus, raises no concern regarding ECT’s authenticity.

              2. Know about the course

              It is necessary to know all the details of the course you are planning to pursue. Things such as the modules taught, facilities provided, whether an internship is given or not, the strength of one batch, class timings, mode of teaching and the faculty present are the important details to look for while selecting a course.

              3. Location

              The location of the institute is an extremely crucial factor that must be taken into account before signing up for a course. While most of the institutes do have the option of online classes, some might only have offline classes and if you wish to go for the offline classes, you must keep in mind to check for the location and the transport connectivity and decide if you would want to travel. 

              4. Price

              Price is an integral factor when it comes to selecting a course. Make a budget in accordance with your financial situation and then search for courses keeping your budget in mind. Look out for discounts or scholarships, if the institutes offer any.


              Q1. What are the key points to remember while selecting the top Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon?

              A1. There are many important factors that one must keep in consideration while selecting a Digital Marketing course such as researching and collecting all the information about the institute, knowing the important details about the course, checking for the institute’s location and the price of the course.

              Q2. How long does it take to complete a Digital Marketing Course?

              A2. It depends upon what level are you pursuing and also on the institute you are pursuing the course from. Basic level courses might take between two to three months and diploma courses may take somewhere between nine to twelve months. ECT offers four levels in its Digital Marketing course, the details of which can be accessed through the brochure that is available on its website.

              Q3. What are the job opportunities in Digital Marketing?

              A3. Digital Marketing is an ever-growing field and has a lot of job opportunities to offer such as a Digital Marketing intern, photographer, social media specialist, copywriter, SEO specialist, marketing analyst, Digital Marketer, content strategist, e-commerce manager, project manager, creative director etc.

              Q4. Is Digital Marketing a lucrative option?

              A4. Digital Marketing is a lucrative option for sure as it opens many domains that a person can work in. Every brand looks for a Digital Marketer to expand their customer range. Also it provides a person with the option to work from home or to work as a freelancer.


              As mentioned above, the field of Digital Marketing continues to expand and flourish and companies are always on the lookout for people with valuable skills. Thus, Digital Marketing courses are of great value for people looking to broaden their horizons in terms of their careers and Gurgaon is one of the best places to pursue a Digital Marketing Course. Education and Career Times offers an excellent course in Digital Marketing to help individuals hone their skills and help them achieve the professional growth they wish for. To know about the best Digital Marketing course in Gurgaon, Contact us at

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