If you are looking for the best photographers in Boca Raton, Florida then don’t miss reading this article.

A picture is worth a thousand words and each picture has a story to tell. A good photograph has a lot of elements to be factored in before you hear the resonant whirring of the camera motor capturing the magical moment. However, behind the machine is the man who at the press of a button creates the everlasting memories.

Miss a good photographer and you have lost the moment.

Boca Raton is the second largest city in Pam Beach County, Florida State. A vibrant city built around the Mediterranean Revival Style, full of art and culture, offering a plethora of opportunities for various kinds of photography and videography. However, most people do not know where to look for the best photographers in Boca Raton.

Here is a list of the 7 Best Photographers in Boca Raton. Not just the best but also one of the most professional photographers in Boca Raton.

1) Gina Fontana Photography Services – Photographers in Boca Raton, Fl

Gina Fontana Photography Services very distinctly stands out as one the best photographers in Boca Raton. Gina Fontana herself is a very versatile photographer with a diverse background that started with photojournalism and has provided images for some of the largest magazines, newspapers, universities, healthcare organizations in the State. With a team of skilled professional photographers Gina Fontana Photography Services bring a wealth of experience and creativity to every project they undertake.

Why use Gina Fontana Photography Services?

1. Customized Services: Gina Fontana Photography Services believes in bringing the picture in your mind to reality. Before the shoot, they interact with their customers to hear their story, understand the requirements and accordingly execute the deliverables.

2.  Wide range of Services: Gina Fontana Photography Services offer their customers a wide range of services to choose from. Other than photography they offer professional videography, corporate video production, professional headshots, family shoots, events be they corporate or personal, educational and more.

3. Latest Technology: Gina Fontana Photography Services believes in investing in the latest technology be it equipment or accessories to further enhance the quality of their shoot and deliver the best to their clients.

4. Professionalism: One of the most professional photographers in Boca Raton, Gina Fontana always delivers the highest quality while meeting their time commitment ensuring customer delight.

5. Innovative: The Gina Fontana team is a very experienced, talented and creative team that looks for new ideas and solutions in every assignment and offers their customers options to choose from.


Is Gina Fontana Photography Services the best photographer in Boca Raton, Florida?

Gina Fontana Photography Services is certainly one of the best photographers in Boca Raton, Florida known for their creativity, commitment and customer services. 

Is Gina Fontana Photography Services a professional photographer?

Gina Fontana Photography Services is one of the most professional photographers in Boca Raton known for their commitment and high level of customer satisfaction.

Is Gina Fontana Photography Services limited to Boca Raton only?

No. They also cover Delray Beach, West Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale.

How can I fix an appointment with Gina Fontana Photography Services?

There are various options to reach them. You can either call them or email them requesting a call back. Their contact details are:

Phone: (561) – 221 3245

Email: ginafontana365@gmail.com

Check their services on their website: www.ginafontana.com

Contact: www.ginafontana.com/contact

People also ask:

What all does Gina Fontana Photography Services cover in their offerings?

Gina Fontana Photography Services has a wide range of offerings that includes professional photography, family portraits and intimate family shoots, pre-wedding & wedding shoots and videography, event coverage, corporate videography. Gina Fontana Photography Services specializes in a unique area – capturing students in action. They work with Universities, Colleges & Schools and love to capture students in action be it Doctors in training, students in labs or fun activities, students making charts, plans, projects, sports, teacher-student interactions, theatrical performances and more.

How well will Gina Fontana Photography Services understand my requirements?

At Gina Fontana Photography Services the requirements are customer driven. Before beginning on any assignment, they believe that a face-to-face consultation with one of their experienced photographers is essential. This can happen either in their office or at the event venue or even both. This helps them better understand the client’s need, the story, the underlying emotion et al. Accordingly, they use the equipment, light, props, costumes and set-up the ambience to ensure that what you discussed is what you get.

Does Gina Fontana Photography Services do last minute requirements?

More often than not Gina Fontana has met with last minute requirements in their areas of operation. Depending on the distance and requirements an advance time frame may be required. Do check with them for details.

2) Pro Boca

This Studio was founded by a couple – Steve and Rita – who wanted to provide the communities of Boca Raton with digital imaging services not limited just to photography but also extending to photo restoration and affordable photos on canvas. Their portfolio also includes architecture & interior design, corporate & editorial and food & products.

3) Kenneth Applebaum Photography – Professional photographers in Boca Raton, Fl

Kenneth Applebaum can easily claim to be not just one of the best photographers in Boca Raton but also the oldest given the 5 decades of experience. His portfolio includes not just weddings, family, portraits, headshots but also architecture, fine art, food, models and resorts.

4) Golden Charm Photography

Run by Julia, a mother of two girls, Golden Charm Photography specializes in maternity & newborns, what she calls as life’s precious moments and turning them into works of art. They also do family photography, both indoors and outdoors.

5) IBI Designs

Started in 1992 by Edward Butera, IBI Designs is one of the most professional photographers in Boca Raton with over three decades of experience. They do assignments for Architects, Builders, Interior Designers, Kitchen & Bath. They also do corporate, family and personal assignments. Their work has featured on the covers of some of the most prominent publications.

6) Francesca Bliss Art & Photography

Run by Francesca Bliss, this studio focuses on women photoshoots and specialize in what they term as “goddess” photoshoots which aims to empower women to accept themselves the way they are. They also do yoga photography, couples, maternity, family shoots and interestingly also artistic nudes to make women realize their unique beauty and self-worth.

7) Lloyds Studio Photography

Established in 1986 Lloyds is one of the oldest and the best photographers in Boca Raton. Offering a wide range of services that includes corporate, commercial, family, personal and real estate with many options in each. They also have a 1600 sqft full studio in Downtown Boca Raton and are a Google Trusted Photographer.

So go ahead and choose from the best photographers in Boca Raton and make your memories come alive!

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