11 Best Remodeling Contractors in Redwood City CA

Beautiful and spacious home with an exquisite design is everyone’s dream. This has made people hire Remodeling contractors to help them fulfil their desire to have an appropriate design for their home, giving their dream a shape.

Redwood city in California also houses people willing to redefine their lifestyle and accordingly renew their homes. Their need is catered to by following 11 best remodeling contractors in Redwood City CA-

The List of 11 best house remodeling contractors

1. danzconstruction.com

GDE or G Danz Enterprises, a remodeling contractor, provides the best solution to remodeling homes. Their services include remodeling kitchen, bathrooms, adding rooms, garage renovation and Remodeling of a house as a whole. Their website www.danzconstruction.com gives a true picture of their work:

a) Remodeling homes: This service includes renewing the house as a whole to accommodate for

(i) New aspirations – New day …new dreams….and new designs to accommodate those dreams. GDE understands this and is ready to provide you with an apt solution.

(ii) All ages and abilities – With growing age the abilities keep changing and so does the need to redesign the homes.

(iii) Saving on energy requirements – With changing times and increasing use of renewable sources of energy like solar energy, the need to redesign homes becomes all the more enhanced.

b) Remodeling kitchen and bathrooms: Changing lifestyles call for change in the design requirements of kitchen and bathrooms too. GDE helps create magic in your kitchen and bathing spaces by making convenience meet aesthetics.

c) Addition of new rooms/ADUs and garage conversion : danzconstruction.com provide solutions to increased space requirement with growing family needs by addition of new rooms, conversion of garage to a functional room or designing of Accessory Dwelling Unit( ADU) in the house.

Why GDE?

GDE or danzconstruction.com is a name synonymous to expertise in home remodeling. The services it provides are at cost effective rates. So if you are looking for ambience, remodeling expertise and economy in remodeling , visit danzconstruction.com. Contact at

Email: gdanzenterprises@gmail.com

Ph : 6502081262

2. Unique home design and remodeling

Unique home design and remodeling offers environment friendly solutions for redesigning homes. The services provided by them include – kitchen Remodeling, bathroom Remodeling, room additions, roofing, driveways, flooring, hardscaping, outdoor rooms ,fencing, painting ,plumbing and patio covers.

3. Ron Cohen Remodeling and Construction

Ron Cohen Remodeling and Construction provides personalised solutions for house Remodeling and provides services like kitchen Remodeling , bathroom Remodeling, hardwood floor, finishing work – trim and crown molding, attics and basement finishing, custom woodwork and additions.

4. Rodi Construction Inc.

Founded in 1992 by Achilles and Mario Rodighiero, the company wows to provide their clients with Remodeling solutions that fit their lifestyle and budget. Apart from Redwood city, they also serve other places like Hillsborough, Menlo Park, Atherton, Portola valley, Woodside, etc. The services provided by them include kitchen Remodeling, bathroom Remodeling, additions and complete home Remodeling.

5. Bay West Builders

Bay West Builders have been serving their clients for the past 20 years and believe in relationship building to a great extent. They serve to provide not only Remodeling but also new building construction services.

6. Bloomquist construction , Inc.

Bloomquist construction is a family owned and operated business. They are committed ethically to all their stakeholders. They provide assurance of the quality of their construction services.

7. Springs Construction

Springs construction is a venture being operated by third generation Jim Adkins and the second generation Mel Springs. They bring in expertise and with a team employees bring peoples’ dream home into reality. Apart from house remodeling and new construction, they also provide services like interior designing, house restoration, kitchen Remodeling, bathroom Remodeling and green home building.

8. Bay Cities Roofing

Bay Cities Roofing , a roofing company owned by Mauro Bailon , has been in business since 1989. It deals into new roof installation, roof Remodeling, or repair of an already installed roof. Every project – big or small , is taken care off personally by the owner and executed with the help of a team of experts.

9. Xpress Kitchen and Bath Corp. – Xpress Kitchen and Bath Corp. provides expert solutions to kitchen Remodeling, bathroom Remodeling, and full house Remodeling. Apart from this, it is also a material supplier.

10. Rightway Home Builders

Rightway Home Builders are a family owned business with 15 plus years of experience in house Remodeling and construction. Their services portfolio includes –

Kitchen Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Garage conversions

Addition of new rooms

Construction of new house

11. GTZ Construction

GTZ Construction is engaged in building of houses and offices for a number of years. Their services include kitchen Remodeling. bathroom Remodeling, home improvements, additions and landscaping.

Preference Criterion

As regards the best house Remodeling contractors, its beyond doubt that GDE or danzconstruction.com takes away the award. This company is the most preferred among the 11 best remodeling contractors in Redwood City CA due to the following reasons –

  • Expertise
  • Cost effective services
  • Efficient service

Frequently Asked Questions

1. List out best 5 house Remodeling agencies in Redwood city, CA, in order of preference.

A. Danz Costruction, Unique home design and Remodeling, Ron Cohen Remodeling and Construction, Bay West Builders, and Bloomquist construction, Inc.

2. What parameters should be considered for selecting the best house Remodeling agency?

A. Quality of service, cost effectiveness and expertise.

3. What kind of service does one expect from a house remodeller?

A. (i)Proper communication – face to face meetings for two way communication regarding the proposed Remodeling.

(ii) Quality of service – This relates to the material used by the remodeller and the finishing in designs and execution.

(iii) Speed of execution – Appropriate speed of execution – neither too slow nor too hasty.

4. What all services can be provided by a house remodeling agency?

A. Kitchen Remodeling. Bathroom Remodeling, garage conversion, ADU, roofing, complete house Remodeling, flooring, renovation, addition of new rooms, interior designing, etc.

5. How long should a typical house remodeling take?

A. It depends upon the need of the client and the current status of the space to be remodeled.

6. Is basement waterproofing a part of house remodeling?

A. Yes

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